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Different teams competed in intellectual competitions in October: «Merry bluebells» - 5 form (Korsun K., Rybachuk V., Stasiuk L., Matviichuk V., Hrytseniuk N.); «Joy fifth» - 6 form (Prylutska B., Panasiuk R., Kolomiichuk A., Novytskii Ya., Samchuk L.); «Know-alls» - 7 form (Kaminskii P., Kovalchuk V., Kucheruk L., Pohrebniak T., Kuprianets M.); «Goblins» - combined team 7 – 8-А forms (Pihol N., Horanska Yu., Musiuk I., Kulikovska M.); «Kronos» - 8-А form (Kudriashov D., Pylypchuk V., Pylypchuk Yu., Veremchuk D.). We did’n know some answers to the question, but all our answers was joy and we had a prize too, as the most jolly team. The winner of this intellectual competitions was a team”Kronos”. It was «Cossack victory» competitions in our school between teams of 5-8 forms. The team of a 5 form (“Eagle”): Belinskii A., Matviichuk V., Lavrenchuk M., Korzhenko A., Semeniuk A., Rybachuk V., Hryhoruk O. In a 1 competition the captains of teams got dressed on speed in the Ukrainian national suits. In 2 competitions for 2 players from every teams competed on speed of eating up of Kulish. In 3 competitions teams leaders must to whistle folk song, and to our opinion our team leader Anatolii was the best, but judges awarded him only 2 place. In 4 - it was needed to put on shoes in an identical shoe chair with the closed eyes. Vitalii did it quick in all. In a 5 competition there was a relay race with pumpkins, in which our form did not attain high results. Power was needed in a 6 competition, and at our players of power was a little and we were the least that is why and showed bad result. In a result a 1 place the winner of this competition was 7 form, and our team, being ahead a team of 8-B form was 4th.

Hrytseniuk Natali

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