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There were many interesting meetings and competitions in our school in October. There was Teacher’s Day on October, 2 in our school. Pupils of 7th form (Belinskii A., Borschuk T., Hizhytskii P., Hrytseniuk N., Zinchuk O., Kaminska S., Korsun K., Matviichuk V., Petrychuk O., Rabcheniuk A., Rybachuk V., Semeniuk A., Stasiuk L.) declaimed poems and showed a perfomance “Zenitka” for our teachers. Our form team “Cossacks” (Rybitskii M., Hizhytskii P., Belinskii A., Turakevych O., Lavrenchuk M.) took part in Cossack’s competition between pupils of 5-8th forms on October,14. Results: 8 form — 1st; 7 form — 2nd; 5-А form — 3rd; 6-Б form — 4th; 6-А form — 5th; 5-Б form — 6th. It was a great championship “Intellectual target” between 5-10 forms pupils on October, 17. 10 teams took part in this competition. Our teams “As fast as water” (Hrytseniuk N., Semeniuk A., Stasiuk L., Zinchuk O., Korsun K.) and “Hot peppers” (Rybachuk V., Belinskii A., Hizhytskii P., Rybitskii M.) took 1st and 2nd places in a result. Results: 1st, 2nd – 7th form, 3rd – 6-B, 9th forms, 4th – 10-A form, 5th – 8th form, 6th – 5-B form, 7th - 8th form, 8th – 6-A, 5-A forms. There was a Holiday of Harvest in our school on October, 24 for 5-8 formers. Our team (Belinskii A., Hryhoruk O., Hrytseniuk N., Danyliuk M., Zinchuk O., Kaminska S., Korsun K., Semeniuk A., Stasiuk L.) took part in this festive competition. We prepared many interesting things from fruits and vegetables and sing songs, staged role-plays, prepared salad “Venigret”. Results: 1st – 6-A, 6-B forms, 2nd – 7th form, 3rd – 5-A, 5-B forms, 4th - 8th form. Hrytseniuk N., Stasiuk L., Korsun K. are members of our villages dance circle “Vinochok”. They took part in a district festival in Slavuta on October, 27.
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