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November 2008
Hello to you! I thought I would send you some pictures that I took in Hong Kong. I was there for 2 weeks visiting my son John and his wife PoYee, my grandson Ben and my new grandson Nathan (6 months old). I had a wonderful time with them - did some sight seeing - I have been there before so I didn't feel like running all over the place. But I did do some shopping at the markets - they are good over there! Also just had such a nice time enjoying my family. The weather was always quite warm - between 26 and 30 Celsius. The humidity was also quite high. The people there are very busy people. Many of them are business people, either selling at the market or just always busy doing something to get ahead financially.

I had some interesting food there too - it is quite different from our food and also your food. I ordered some borscht in a restaurant and they brought me a fish soup!! It was good but it certainly was not borscht. We do a lot of walking there as well. Although, the bus and transit systems are very good and very quick.

As you are aware, the British controlled Hong Kong for a long time - and they organized the city's infrastructure very well. And now, since the Chinese are in charge, they too do things very efficiently.

There are many factories in Hong Kong, and so much of what they manufacture is exported all over the world. The buildings are very tall and there are so many. The village my son lives in is called Tai Po and it has 300,000 people. The apartments are all 20 stories tall. There are some smaller ones, which they call a village apartment where there are only 4 stories. My son is a music producer - he writes and arranges music for singers, etc. He has his studio in his apartment so he works from his home. It is good because he is very helpful to his wife with the little sons. They both work together in caring for their children - which makes me very happy. And the children, too, are happy. It took me 13 hours to fly to Hong Kong from Vancouver, and 12 hours to fly back. It is an amazing journey - but I feel good - just a bit mixed up with my sleep since the time difference is 16 hours. Well, I should finish this letter - I still have one trip to take before Christmas, and that is to my mother. I will do that in December. This Christmas all my children and grandchildren will come to my home on Christmas ever for a meal and the opeining of presents.

I am looking forward to that. I am only sad that my children in Hong Kong cannot be here. I will miss them, but still will enjoy Christmas here.

Let me know how you are doing, and too, how you will spend your Christmas.

 With love and joy Priscilla
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