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There is a small village Modestivka near village Berezdiv. This village is small but it's the best. Kind and hardworking people live here. They love their Motherland all their souls. There are very beautiful landscapes! Every thing looks like special in my village: sunrise in early morning, a rainbow above golden fields, sunshine in evening, and the best Milky Way on the night sky. There is a big apple garden near my village. This apple garden is very beautiful in spring when trees are blooming. There are many apples in summer and autumn. Juicy apples are very good and smell so unusual. This garden looks like the drawing of painter in winter. The trees have their dreams about spring and there is so calm in winter in it. This beauty will live in my heart forever.
Rybachuk Valentyn
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1 harriet   [Entry]
My grandfather and his family were born in Beresdov. They were Jewish and most were murdered. My grandfather left before WWII . You rid your pretty village of all Jews.

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