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We live in the village Berezdiv (Slavuts'kyi district of Khmel'nyts'kyi Region). More than two thousand people live here. Berezdiv was founded more than 400 years ago. Our village is famous for its birches. Berezdiv was founded on the banks of rivers Korchyk and Sichanka. There are two parks, many shops, a village's rada, a post-office, a hospital, schools, a chemist's and others. Our native village is very beautiful.
Horliuk Tolik
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1 Kenan Packman   [Entry]
Hi There,

I enjoyed looking at your website. My grandmother's family lived in your village a very long time ago! They were a family with the last names Shrager and Wasserstrom. The came to America around 1900. Back in these times, the village of Berezdiv was mostly a Jewish town. Apparently, it was very small - only a few hundred people. My family immigrated to the United States and settled in Philadelphia. Today our family is spread out in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington DC and Israel. But we often wonder what it would be like to visit Berezdiv some day. Good luck with your website - how nice to see the pictures of your very pretty town.

2 birches   [Entry]
We were very plesure to see a comment from the USA. We'll try to help you to find information about your family. Our village really was mostly Jewish town in thouse times. They lived at the centre of our village. But as you can see on the photos there are only birches now. Because Germans killed most of Jews in our town during 2nd World War. The last person of this nationality was Safyan Ryma Naumivna but she had come to America in 1990-s and died there.
Thank you a lot for your comment.

3 Marta   [Entry]
I am also a descendant of one of the jewish families from Berezdiv. My grandmother's family was the Shpigels. They were killed during WWII and my grandmother and her nephew were the only 2 survivors. I would like to get in touch with Kenan Pachman if you have the email address. Maybe there is common roots between us.
One of my uncles tried to set up a memorial in Berezdov. Is it still there? Are there any pictures? Thank you.

4 Tom Bohan   [Entry]
My wife, Rhonda Berg, visited your town and school in October 2009. In 1913 her father age 16 walked west from there, following his brother's footsteps two years earlier on his way to America. Within a short while, they had earned enough money to bring their parents and siblings to America as well. When we went there in 2009, i believe we were the first family to retutn since those days early in the 20th century. We were welcomed warmly, includimg by Madam Mayor and the geology teacher at the school (Mr Voronsky?), but felt a pervading sadness because of what had happened there on that January day in 1943. Nevertheless, we shall return for a longer visit.

5 Marc   [Entry]
My family is from Berezdov. Schleime Safer, his wife and 5 children emigrated to Chelsea, Massachusetts USA in or around 1905. My grandmother was one of the children, Sophie Shalek. I am also related to the Leib Betcherman family. My cousin visited Berezdov in 1994 but was unable to find traces of the Safer family. Is there anyone who can assist? Thank you

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