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April is one of the most beautiful months of the year. The nature wakes up after long winter dream. All things around us look very nice with a beauty of flowers and green trees and grass. 

Pupils of our form tried to do the world around us better this month. We cleaned our yards and gardens near our houses, planted the trees and flowers. We also cleaned a village park and our school garden, planted flowers near our school. Avdienko Svieta, Bakieva Svieta, Belinsliy Tolik, Borschuk Tania, Hrytseniuk Natasha, Yesaulova Katia, Kamins’ka Svieta, Korsun Katia, Matviichuk Vitalik, Odolchuk Serhiy, Petrychuk Oksana, Rabcheniuk Aliona, Rybachuk Valik, Stasiuk Liuba planted 3 apple-trees of “Semerenko” sort at our school garden. 

There was an intellectual championship of ”Brain Ring” in a village’s House of Culture on the 16th of April. Teams of pupils from our school answered for 35 interesting questions. Results of competition:
 1st place took a team of the 7th form “Wave of the Mississippi River” (12 points): Korsun Kateryna, Semeniuk Alina, Hrytseniuk Natalia, Zinchuk Ol’ha, Rybachuk Valentyn. 
2nd place took a team of the 9th form “Middle” (9 points): Kaminskiy Pavlo, Kulikovs’ka Maryna, Musiuk Iryna, Pohrebniak Tetiana.
3rd were pupils of the 6-B form “Children of Ukraine” (7 points): Koval’chuk Valentyna, Zakharchuk Yaroslav, Polischuk Alina, Chyzakivskiy Ivan, Opanasiuk Oleksandr.
4th were pupils of the 6-A form “A New Wave” (4 points): Novyts’ka Natalia, Humeniuk Svitlana, Kornichuk Valentyna, Samchuk Olena, Brazhuk Aliona, Kaminska Rehina. 
5th were pupils from the 8-10th forms “Evryka” (3 points): Veremchuk Denys, Kovalchuk Viktoria, Novytskiy Yaroslav, Il’chuk Anastasia, Kuzmich Yulia.

There was the Day of Pupils Rights at our school on the 22nd of April. Pupils from 7-11th forms taught younger children at the lessons in that day. Our form was presented by Hrytseniuk Natasha, Zinchuk Olia, Korsun Katia, Rybachuk Valik, Semeniuk Alina, Stasiuk Liuba. Pupils of our school taught teachers too. Veremchuk Denys (10-B form), Novitskiy Yaroslav, Vasyliuk Oleh (8th form) organized intellectual competition for them. A team of Mosiuk Svitlana Volodymyrivna, Rybitska Emilia Ivanivna, Homich Raisa Mykolaivna took 1st place with a result of 74 points. A team of Vlasiuk Oleksandr Mykolaiovych, Opanasiuk Serhiy Viktorovych, Homich Oleksandr Andriovych took 2nd place with a result of 48,25 points. 

There was a Day of Book on the 30th of March at our school. 4th formers prepared this fest, Pupil of our form Semeniuk Alina took part in it too.

Zinchuk Ol’ha 

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