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The pupils of our form in April took part in action “We’ll save our planet!” We took garbage away, planted flowers and trees on territory of school and at home. On April, 10 during ecological action of “We’ll plant trees” there were planted 4 apple-trees of sort of “Semerenko” in a school garden. Pupils took part in action: Avdienko S., Bakieva S., Borschuk T., Brazhuk O., Hrytseniuk N., Danyliuk M., Yesaulova K., Zinchuk O., Kaminska S., Korsun K., Matviichuk V., Nizhnik T., Odolchuk S., P ... Read more »
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The competitions between 2 teams of girls of our class (Viburnum and Willow), timed to celebration of the International womanish day took place in our class on March, 13. In a result both teams got the first places, and most important, that all audience and participants extracted is good mood. 4th championships «English Intellectual Target» between 5-9 formers took place in our school on March, 20. In this intellectual competition took part such teams as: Friendship (5-A) – Novytska N., Pek ... Read more »
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We had cup intellectual competition between 5-9 formers on February, 7. In competition took part such teams as: Fantastic five (6) – Rybachuk V., Rybitskii M., Brazhuk O., Rabcheniuk A., Bakieva S.; Fire and water (6) Korsun K., Hrytseniuk N., Semeniuk A., Zinchuk O., Stasiuk L.; Wild fire (5-А) – Pekach V., Samchuk O., Novytska N., Kravchuk T., Humeniuk S.; Tornado (9-B) – Chornokryliuk I., Nizhnik O., Vasyliuk O., Sidletskii N.; Winners forever (9-А) – Kudriashov D., Veremchuk D., Kuzmich ... Read more »
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We all had a good rest on winter vacations. We skated and skied, played snowballs, made snowmen, walked to sing Christmas carols and did much other interesting things. In a ІІ semester all of us will attach maximal efforts in order that our site became the best. And for this purpose we plan to renew information 1 time per a month and we will tell that interesting happened at our school (Belinskii A., Hrytseniuk N., Korsun K., Matviichuk V., Rybachuk V., Rybitskii M.) We had draught competit ... Read more »
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There was an intellectual competition “Sea-fight” between teams “Gull” and “Schooner” in our class on December, 6, which the boys of a 6 class formed. In a result the winners were “Gull” team. The students of our class took part in creation of English Internet website of our school «Вirchenmiracle». The team «Chelsea» won 3 times in 3 matches of cup-ties from intellectual competition “English football” between pupils of 5-9 forms. Results: I place - «Chelsea» (6 form): Korsun K., Hrytseniuk ... Read more »
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There were a lot of different events in November: The pupils of our form watched the contest between teams of 5-А and 5-B forms on “Holiday of the Ukrainian written language and language” on November, 5. Team of 5-B form “Linguists” won in this contest. On the festive school meeting devoted to Day of the Ukrainian written language and language Matviichuk V., Nizhnik T., Belinskii A., Semeniuk A., Hrytseniuk N., Zinchuk O. had a short speeches on November, 9. There was a contest “Holiday of ... Read more »
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We took part in a concert to the day of workers of education together with other pupils of Berezdiv NVK at the beginning of October. Korsun K., Petrychuk O., Zinchuk O., Hrytseniuk N., Semeniuk A., Danyliuk M., Rabcheniuk A., Belinskii A., Rybitskii M., Matviichuk V., Yesaulova K. presented our form in this concert. Team “Sabre” (6 form) was the best in a sport competition “Cossack’s glory” on October, 12. Pupils of our form who took part in this competition: Belinskii A., Turakevych O., Ry ... Read more »
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Summer vacations ended and the First bell again rang out. It’s the sixth First bell for us in our school. Because we are in 6th form. During vacations all of us rested well. We bathed in a river, played different games|plays|, helped our parents about the house, went to rest in the camps of rest, swam in seas and rivers of our native country, climbed up the mountains, and went to see relatives in different cities and villages of our large country. In summer the pupils of our form spent time ... Read more »
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Last month was rich on different events. There was an intellectual game between students of 5-8 forms on April, 4 . This game was organized by pupil of 8-A form Kudriashov D. Our form was presented by two teams (“Fire and water”, “Patriots ІІ”) on this competition. The first place took the team of 8-A form “X-MAN”. Our teams didn’t took high places, but got experience which of course will use in the following games in a next school year. There was Day of pupil's self-government on April, 19. ... Read more »

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Intellectual competition from English took place at our school on March , 14. Honour of our class was protected by a team: «Sо fast as the water»: Korsun K., Zinchuk O., Hrytseniuk N.., Stasiuk L. Team of our form was good on these competitions and in a result took 2 place (25 points), being even ahead of champions from a 8-А form. And the team|order| of 8-B form took first place. Teams of 6 and 7 forms took 4 and 5 places. Also in March in our form Cup of class ended from checkers. Semeniu ... Read more »
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