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Intellectual competition between pupils of 5-8 forms took place at our school on February, 8. Honour of our class was protected by a teams: «Sо fast as the water»: Korsun K., Zinchuk O., Hrytseniuk N.., Stasiuk L., Rybachuk V. (3rd place in a result); “Patriots”: Matviichuk V., Semeniuk A., Yesaulova K., Belinskii A., Hryhoruk O. (5th place in a result). The first place took the team of 8-A form “Fantastic four plus 1”. Other teams “Frido” (8-B), “Granite” (7), “Infant prodigies” (6). Four te ... Read more »

Category: School News | Views: 797 | Added by: birches | Date: 03.03.2007 | Comments (0)

All of us always wait winter vacations. Children like winter vacations in a whole world. In fact during these vacations there is a lot of merry|lively| holidays: Sainted evening (on January, 6), Christmas (on January, 7), Generous evening (on January, 13) Old New Year (on January, 14). During these holidays it is possible to sing carols — don’t miss something and have a good rest. In fact as Ukrainian folk wisdom talks — “As you will begin New Year — so him and you will conduct". That is why to ... Read more »
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In our class was a holiday devoted to the day of Military powers of Ukraine on December, 6. The girls of our form prepared evening to rest for boys. They prepared the various contests and games in which the future defenders of our Motherland were able not only to show the adroitness and force but also to show the mind and shrewdness. Boys were divided into 2 teams: “Black pearl” and “Piratic islands” and competed between itself in different contests: untiing of logical tasks, eating of kala ... Read more »
Category: School News | Views: 773 | Added by: birches | Date: 31.12.2006 | Comments (0)

The Day of Ukrainian written and language was at our schoolon November, 9. At a school meeting took part many pupils of our form: Yaremchuk S., Nizhnik T., Zinchuk O., Stasiuk L., Rybachuk V., Hrytseniuk N., Korsun K. (they declaimed poems). Also there was the contest on the best newspaper. By the editor of newspaper “Camomile” the special issue devoted to this event was made. The 1 intellectual competition from English between students 5-8 forms was at our school on October, 16. In this comp ... Read more »

Category: School News | Views: 778 | Added by: birches | Date: 01.12.2006 | Comments (0)

Different teams competed in intellectual competitions in October: «Merry bluebells» - 5 form (Korsun K., Rybachuk V., Stasiuk L., Matviichuk V., Hrytseniuk N.); «Joy fifth» - 6 form (Prylutska B., Panasiuk R., Kolomiichuk A., Novytskii Ya., Samchuk L.); «Know-alls» - 7 form (Kaminskii P., Kovalchuk V., Kucheruk L., Pohrebniak T., Kuprianets M.); «Goblins» - combined team 7 – 8-А forms (Pihol N., Horanska Yu., Musiuk I., Kulikovska M.); «Kronos» - 8-А form (Kudriashov D., Pylypchuk V., Pylypch ... Read more »

Category: School News | Views: 802 | Added by: birches | Date: 01.11.2006 | Comments (0)

There was an usual autumn day. After a window there was a fine weather: merrily shined a sun, on trees rocked varicoloured leaves. But this was a not simple day. There was a holiday on September, 28 — at our school marked the Day of workers of education . Pupils of 1-11 forms took part in it, and also kindergarten and musical school. Our form took part too: Matviichuk V., and Rybachuk V. recited poems; Zinchuk O., Stasiuk L., Hrytseniuk N., Hryhoruk O., Kaminska S., Danyliuk M. danced the dan ... Read more »

Category: School News | Views: 2149 | Added by: birches | Date: 04.10.2006 | Comments (0)

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