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We live in the village Berezdiv (Slavuts'kyi district of Khmel'nyts'kyi Region). More than two thousand people live here. Berezdiv was founded more than 400 years ago. Our village is famous for its birches. Berezdiv was founded on the banks of rivers Korchyk and Sichanka. There are two parks, many shops, a village's rada, a post-office, a hospital, schools, a chemist's and others. Our native village is very beautif ... Read more »
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Our school is nice and cosy. It was founded in 1864. Now it is a two storeyed building with sportground behind it. On the groundfloor there are the classrooms for the primary-school pupils, the classrooms for the secondary-school pupils, gymnasium. There are classrooms for the secondary-school pupils and library on the second floor. Our school has many special classrooms. There are classrooms for ... Read more »
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Natasha: - Tell us and visitors of our website please little about you.
Olena Hryhorivna: - All my life I dreamed to became a teacher. Maybe there were very good teachers at my school when I studied (Khorovetska school). I started my pedagogical work at Besidska school in Slavutskiy district. Then I fini ... Read more »
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We have results of studying in I term of our form. The best pupil of our form in this term is Hrytseniuk Natasha. Pupils of our form Rybachuk Valik and Semeniuk Alina took part in a district subject contest (Geography) and took I and III places there. Pupils of our school took part in a district competition-defence of works in Little Academy of Science on December 11: Savchenko Yaroslav (11-А) won І place between pupils of 11th forms in a section “History of Ukraine”; Hrytseniuk Natasha (7) ... Read more »
Category: School News | Views: 940 | Added by: birches | Date: 03.01.2009 | Comments (2)

Last autumn month was rich in different contests. Pupils of our form was active in all of them. There were school subject contests in our school in October – at the beginning of November. Most of our classmates took part in these contests. Winners of school subject contests: Mathematic – Rybachuk Valik and Hrytseniuk Natasha; Ukrainian language and literature – Hrytseniuk Natasha; Geography – Semeniuk Alina. Hrytseniuk Natasha took part in a district subject contest (Ukrainian language and ... Read more »
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There is a small village Modestivka near village Berezdiv. This village is small but it's the best. Kind and hardworking people live here. They love their Motherland all their souls. There are very beautiful landscapes! Every thing looks like special in my village: sunrise in early morning, a rainbow above golden fields, sunshine in evening, and the best Milky Way on the night sky. There is a big a ... Read more »
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There were many interesting meetings and competitions in our school in October. There was Teacher’s Day on October, 2 in our school. Pupils of 7th form (Belinskii A., Borschuk T., Hizhytskii P., Hrytseniuk N., Zinchuk O., Kaminska S., Korsun K., Matviichuk V., Petrychuk O., Rabcheniuk A., Rybachuk V., Semeniuk A., Stasiuk L.) declaimed poems and showed a perfomance “Zenitka” for our teachers. Our form team “Cossacks” (Rybitskii M., Hizhytskii P., Belinskii A., Turakevych O., Lavrenchuk M.) ... Read more »
Category: School News | Views: 826 | Added by: birches | Date: 03.10.2008 | Comments (0)