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On the 9th of May there was a meeting in a honour of 65 years after ending II world war.

All organization of Berezdiv took part in meeting and concert.

There was a day of Civil Defence at our school on the 13th of May. All pupils of our school went to the sport ground. We listened information about different dangers that waiting for us in a daily life.

We took part in mixed sport and intellectual competitions of different kinds of sport and subjects. 

The winners became:

І – 24 points

8 form

7-B form

5 form

9 form

ІІ – 23 points

6-B form

11-A form

ІІІ – 22 points

7-А form

11-B form

21 points - pupils of 6-А and 10 forms.

4 girls from our school took part in a regional Ukrainian football competition during 15-17 of May 2010 in Rivne. Korsun K., Bakieva  S., Hrytseniuk S., and Lavrenchuk M., played for our regional football team. Khmelnytskiy region took III place at this competition, because our girls loose a game for the winners of this competitions - Lvivskiy region in semi final.

There was The Last Bell on the 29th of May at our school. 

It was the last school bell for our 11th formers.

Lots of pupils were presented by presents for active part in different contests and competitions. 

Natalia Novytska


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